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Our Paediatric Intensive Care Unit offers back up support for all our paediatric specialities as well as treatment for critically ill children. Yet visit our children’s unit and you find a warm, welcoming environment designed to help make your child feel at ease, reduce their anxiety and aid their recovery.

Intensive Care

The Queen’s Hospital provides care for all new born babies. Neonatal care means providing care for new born infants in the first few weeks of life. In certain circumstances, we provide care for babies for a much longer period. Most babies are well at birth and are transferred to the postnatal ward with their mother where care is provided by midwives to the baby at the mother’s bedside. 

However, a small number of babies are admitted to our neonatal unit for intensive or special care. We also provide an outpatient service for babies requiring special follow up after discharge.

In addition to caring for the needs of premature and sick infants we provide comprehensive inpatient newborn care to well newborn infants during their stay in the hospital.  A doctor is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ensuring that there is always a physician to assess your infant at any time while they are in the hospital.

We have the facilities and expertise to diagnose and treat children of all ages up to 18 from the acutely unwell to those needing routine outpatient appointments.

Attracting outstanding physicians and surgeons in every speciality enables us to offer the full breadth of children’s services which ensures a fully integrated healthcare approach: from day case ENT surgery to multi specialist craniofacial and neurosurgery alongside complex medical cases.